The Kuster FamilyWe have been patients of Dr. John Clauss for over a year now. Our family had a few terrible dental experiences in our past and it is a great feeling knowing that we are in the best of care. The atmosphere, personal attention and the friendliness are just a few reasons to visit Simply Dental. Not to mention, our kids finally have lost their fear of visiting the dentist.

The Kuster Family

Stephanie MaggosAbout seven years ago Dr. Clauss put ceramic veneers on my two front teeth to improve the color and appearance of them due to an automobile accident I’d been in as a child. When I let people know that my teeth have veneers, they are first surprised that they’ve lasted as long as they have, and secondly amazed at how natural they look. Dr. Clauss sold his practice a few years ago and we went to the new owner for awhile, but when we found out that Dr. Clauss had opened a new practice we immediately switched back over to him. He and his staff are very personable and my family feels a comfortable rapport when we visit the office. He has given us excellent dental care over the years!

Stephanie Maggos

Mrs. Giennie Dunn and FamilyWe just moved to Indiana and had no friends or family to give us recommendations for a dentist. We have two boys that are sensitive to going to the dentist. One of our sons has mild learning disabilities and he has an extremely hard time with new experiences. I spoke with Deb and Dr, Clauss about my concerns with his adjusting. They assured me that they would do everything possible to make my son feel comfortable. True to their word they were very sensitive to his needs and fears. They took special time to make all of us especially my one son feel comfortable and at ease. I feel so relieved that we found Dr. Clauss and Simply Dental. Thank you.

Mrs. Giennie Dunn and Family

Justin GrovesI approached Dr. Clauss and let him know that I was very self concious about my teeth. He gave me a solution that was fast and much better than wearing braces for years. Now I have a perfect smile and white teeth and I am much more confident in myself. I would recommend Dr. Clauss to anyone who is looking for a perfect smile and improved self confidence. Thank you Dr. Clauss!

Justin Groves