Fishers Patient Amenities

Fishers Patient Ameneties

Pampering Dental Care Just for You

Part of our dedication to keeping you and your family relaxed and feeling great while you are with us is the way we pamper you with little extras. We have a kid’s area to entertain the youngsters in your family with toys and video games. For the adults we have a soothing waterfall in the waiting room. Sit back and relax and let your stresses rinse away with the soothing sounds of falling water. You can also refresh yourself before or after your appointment with a cool bottle of spring water.

Once in the chair, we have available a pillow and cozy blanket for your comfort. And if you like to stay entertained during your treatment, you can watch your favorite cable TV on the monitors conveniently placed in each room. Please feel free to bring your personal iPod for your listening pleasure.

We want you to leave feeling more relaxed and refreshed than when you came!

Once you are home, you can expect a caring follow up phone call from Dr. Clauss. We always want to see how you are feeling after your treatment and answer any questions you might have. If you have a question before Dr. Clauss calls in the evening, please feel free to contact the office. We are happy to be here for you.