Painless Root Canal Therapy

Painless Root Canal Therapy in Fishers, Indiana

Saving Fishers Teeth

No one likes the idea of a root canal. Over the years, root canals have become synonymous with an unpleasant experience.

No more! Here at Simply Dental modern dentistry lets us offer pain free, easy and efficientendodontics or root canal therapy! Best of all, our root canals can save a damaged or painful tooth!

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?
Your teeth are not made up of solid enamel. Inside your tooth is a network of nerves called the pulp. Sometimes something goes wrong in this pulp and it becomes infected because of tooth decay, damaged fillings or even an injury to your tooth. When these problems developed in the past, the tooth was usually pulled or the infection spread and became systemic. Isn’t it great to know that if something goes wrong, our modern techniques are here to help you find relief?