Cosmetic Bridges and Flexible Partial Dentures

Cosmetic Bridges and Flexible Partial Dentures in Fishers, Indiana

Beautiful Replacements for Your Teeth


Are you missing a tooth or teeth? We have a variety of tooth replacement methods and devices to help you look and feel great!

We offer metal free dental bridges, custom-crafted for an attractive appearance and a comfortable, balanced fit to keep your jaw and muscles relaxed and your smile looking beautiful.

We also offer new and advanced partial dentures. A partial denture is an appliance used to replace teeth. Partial dentures are usually removable and can replace single or multiple teeth. We custom create each partial denture to securely attach to the remaining natural teeth by clasps or precision attachments.

In the past, partial dentures were rather rigid and unnatural looking and consisted of a metal frame with plastic teeth. We want the best for our patients and seek out alternatives and advances with improved appearance and comfort. Because of these advances, we can make a partial created completely of plastic. This means that the partial denture is actually flexible for a comfortable fit and a much more natural look!