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Family and General Dentistry in Fishers, Indiana

Keeping Fishers’ Families Healthy

Dental Exams & Screenings, Dental Hygiene & Cleanings and TMJ Treatments

Our preventive and proactive dentistry takes into consideration more than your symptoms; we take care of the cause. We emphasize preventing problems before they start because even minor oral problems can affect your whole body.

Special Needs Patients

Dr. Clauss and our Fishers staff welcome patientsspecial needs and will make every effort to accomodate those needs. We want every patient from toddlers to grandparents to feel his or her very best. If you have questions about those accomodations, please feel free to give us a call about your situation..

Whole Body Health Starts with a Healthy Mouth

Your mouth is a big part of what makes you who you are. It lets you share your voice with the world. It lets you smile and laugh and it is an important gateway to the rest of your body. However, it can be a source of ill health too. When your mouth isn’t healthy, your body suffers right along with it. In fact, something as seemingly simple as gum disease can be life threatening!

Here are just a few examples:

  • If your gums aren’t healthy, they leave an open pathway for the bacteria in your mouth to enter your bloodstream. Periodontal problems, even minor ones, have been linked to heart disease, increased risk of stroke, premature and low birth-weight babies, and even certain kinds of cancer.
  • Mercury gasses released from silver fillings have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders.
  • If your bite is not in alignment, you may experience muscle stress and discomfort in your face, neck, shoulders and even your back. Symptoms such as vertigo, headaches and ringing of the ears also may result from a poor bite.

When you are a patient at the Fishers dental practice of Dr. John Clauss, you can be sure that we will treat your mouth with the kind of proactive and comprehensive dentistry that will keep your body healthy too.

Dental Care for Children
We want to make childhood visits and hygiene a fun and pleasant experience. Why? The best preventive care starts early! We have a special children’s area with toys and video games, as well as televisions in each room so kids can watch their favorite show during treatment.

The care and cleaning of your child’s first teeth are extremely important tasks.  Primary teeth serve many functions in a child’s growth and development in addition to proper chewing and digestion.  Primary teeth are essential for correct speech development and play a vital role in holding space for future permanent teeth. To protect them, we offer early cleanings, sealants and sports mouth guards.

A child should have his or her first visit to the dentist by at least two or three years of age, sometimes earlier.  This first visit starts with our staff showing children all the cool things we use such as a “squirt gun” to rinse their mouth, “Mr. Thirsty” to suck out the water, and tasty flavors of cleaning paste. Our goal of this visit and all future visits is for your child to learn the importance of good oral hygiene, and that it is important and fun to visit the dentist.

It is important that your child feel comfortable seeing the dentist. Simply Dental combines the benefits of a children's or pediatric dentist with the convenience of a full family dentist practice. Whether your kids or you need to see the dentist, Simply Dental is here to help.

Technology Makes Our Dentistry Effective and Easy
Even our technology makes visits fun and educational for patients of all ages. Intra-oral cameras, for example, let you see your teeth magnified and in full-color so we can show you problem areas and what we can do to repair your teeth. We also use digital x-rays to give us a clearer image along with much less radiation that traditional x-rays. The doctor and hygienist even use magnifying loupes with lenses that magnify your teeth 3.5 times. And if you have any concerns about dental injections, relax. We use a patient-friendly device called The Wand to eliminate the stinging or burning sensation usually associated with anesthetic injections.

For your use at home, we recommend the advanced cleaning power of the Rota Dent professional rotary plaque remover. The Rota Dent’s patented brush is finer than other toothbrush filaments and can clean even under the gumline and between the teeth where plaque and bacteria like to hide. The Rota Dent is especially helpful for those with gingivitis and their treatment of gum disease or who have braces.

Emergencies happen. We have experienced them ourselves and we know it is especially important to see someone you know and trust when something unexpected or upsetting happens.

Taking care of your smile emergencies is another way we are here for our dental family. If you have a dental emergency when the office is closed, your call will be forwarded to a team member for immediate and direct contact with the office. Dr. Clauss will be contacted and will personally return your call. If Dr. Clauss is unavailable, we will refer you to a dentist we know and trust for the attention you need.