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Hygiene and Dental Cleanings in Fishers, Indiana

Gentle Touch. Innovative Care.

We never get tired of telling you how important you and your health are to us. We want your smile to be as healthy, happy and strong as nature intended it to be. Our dental hygiene visits and teeth cleanings – along with our in-depth dental and home care education – are designed to keep it that way!

Not only do your regularly scheduled visits with our dental hygienist keep your teeth whiter and more sparkling, they keep your gums healthier too by removing the stubborn plaque and tartar that can build up at the gum line.

Protect your Smile with Gentle Dental Cleaning
You know how great your teeth feel after a dental cleaning – smooth, healthy and bright. It makes you feel like smiling! But there is much more to a dental cleaning than just clean, shiny teeth. Maintaining the health of your smile with regularly scheduled dental cleanings keeps your teeth and gums healthy and free of bacterial buildup as well.

Clean teeth have fewer cavities. It’s true! Cavities are caused by plaque, the sticky stuff you get on your teeth when you forget to brush. Even if you do brush you teeth regularly, not all plaque can be removed and so germs and bacteria remain on your teeth. Because this plaque is acidic, it can eat away at the surface or enamel of your tooth and cause decay.

The same bacterial buildup forms under your gumline and if it is left there, it turns to tartar and leads to gum disease, including bleeding gums, receding gums, swollen gums or sore gums. Don’t risk your health or the health of your smile. Schedule your regular cleaning today – and keep your teeth clean and healthy with the Rota Dent toothbrush between visits!

Finding Cavities Earlier with DIAGNOdent
With a rise in the levels of fluoride supplements in dental materials, toothpastes and drinking water, tooth surfaces have become harder and more resistant to decay.

That’s a good thing, but this harder tooth surface makes it more difficult for dentists to detect a cavity with the naked eye or even with x-rays. Decay can break through this hardened enamel through a crevice, causing a cavity on the inside, while the tooth still looks healthy on the outside.

Our technology lets us see even the most subtle, sub-surface decay quickly and easily.

The DIAGNOdent, a laser cavity detector, scans the tooth, searching out the change of density that occurs when a cavity is present, allowing us to detect decay before it can be seen on x-rays and before we can see it with the naked eye. And earlier detection means smaller fillings and much less removal of natural tooth structure! We can often even repair the decay without Novocain!